Top 10 Enduring Benefits Of Email Marketing For A Business

Top 10 Enduring Benefits Of Email Marketing For Business

Email marketing is a kind of marketing where through sending emails or with the help of emails, customers are made aware about the services and the products, offers and upcoming programs. Therefore, the benefits of email marketing for business are numerous.

It’s a kind of process through which you make people learn about your brand. You can also motivate them to make a purchase and anything in between.

In simple words, we can say email marketing is used to promote a business and also to create and communicate with their loyal customers.

In this blog we will be covering everything about email marketing and the benefits of email marketing for a business. But before knowing about the benefits let’s look upon its history.

How Email Marketing Started

Ray Tomlinson was the first person who sent an email in 1971. In 1987 Gary Thuerk who was a marketing manager at digital equipment corp, used email marketing to let people know about a new product. The email he sent resulted in $13 million sales.

By the 90s, email marketing started to rise. Emails are still one of the easiest and direct methods to reach your audience.

Now let’s see what the benefits of email marketing are:-

1. Targeted And Personalised Content

One of the benefits of email marketing is that you have the freedom to choose the words of contents, the images and everything in between.

From creating the perfect content to the images that you want to show, you can show in email marketing.

Email marketing seems to be perfect for driving engagement. Try to make your emails engaging.

Don’t run for direct sales at first. Try to create a trust base between the brand and the customer which will surely grow with time.

2. Credibility

One of the most important benefits of email marketing is credibility. So, what is exciting and engaging for one might not be the same for others. Some just read the subject line but some read the whole body and that matters.

Therefore, if you want to keep your customers engaged, you must craft it according to your customer’s preferences.

Create a permission based email list, where the customer will choose whether to subscribe or not. This way they will know what they are receiving from your brand and when they will receive it.

This brings credibility.

3. Brand Recognition

Email Marketing adds on to the brand’s name. A well curated and crafted email will surely add to your brand’s name.

You can provide direct links to the new services and products. It means you are valuing your customers time.

Once your emails can capture your customers, you will surely be ahead of your competitors. You can use email even for asking for feedback or reviews. You can also solve their queries which means better customer service. 

For inspiration, use surveys in your other social media accounts. Through that survey, you would get enough inspiration for your content to begin with. Hence, the benefits of email marketing are huge in terms of brand recognition.

4. Increase In Sales

Email marketing can be very helpful for creating impulse buying.  You can convince your customer to buy again using a few ways.

  • List the similar items which that Customer has bought before.
  • Give them special offers or discounts.
  • Also shows the other items which have been purchased with the recent one.

Marketing week report shows that email marketing can generate around $37 B sales annually.

Customers can’t control themselves from buying, if their favourite product is back in stocks. Or if a product that they have been eyeing for a long time is finally available. Increase in sales is one the major benefits of email marketing for business.

5. Relationship

Another benefit of email marketing in a business is that it helps in establishing a bond. A good and informative email is always appreciated.

Being prioritised, helps to increase the bond between customers and the company / brand.

Reaching all the customers through chatting or through calls is impossible but through emails it is possible.

You can also take help of drip marketing to ease down the process. Drip marketing helps to convert a user into a buyer. They provide regular information which helps the brand to be reminded by the user.

6. Regulate Your Time And Budget

Email marketing helps to optimise your time and budget. With a new business, managing time and budget become very difficult.

Big brands can afford to buy advertising space but it can be a little costly for the new and young brands.  But don’t worry the young businesses can focus on building relationships with the customers on the personal level with email marketing.

With efficient time and amount, you can design a professional email that catches your audience’s attention at one go.

Sending emails will be cost friendly, time friendly even if you are sending to several people at once.

7. Analysis

Email marketing also helps you to analyse the rate of success and the rate of brand name success.

Let’s be honest, the customers prefer to open the email depending on which brand has sent them the email and the subject line of the email.

The amount or the rate of email being opened will show the amount of customers who know your brand and want to know what is in the email.

Then is your CTR (click – through – rate), which gives you an idea of how many people have thoroughly gone through your emails. The average rate of CTR is around 7 percent in the industry.

Now the next and the highest goal of the email is to guide the readers to perform the action that the emails have asked for. This call–to–action can help you determine the success rate of that email. So, being able to analyse the performance is one of the best benefits of email marketing.

8. Traffic Of Your Website

Getting traffic for your website is another benefit of email marketing. It’s a great way to attract audiences towards your website. You can do so by adding links to your site in the emails.

You can also use email campaigns to get customers to visit your website for other great contents.

Also don’t forget to include sharing options in your emails so that if your audience finds something worth sharing they can do it without any hussle.

9. Authority Establishment

If you want to grow your business, you need to establish your authority. Email marketing helps you to establish authority in your business.

When you are in a business line, it’s obvious that you want to be seen as an expert in the field. You can establish that position yourself in the eye of your audience by email marketing.

They have signed for the emails because they are interested in you and your brand. Of Course, they would have found something engaging in the contents that you send.

If you are able to keep your audience engaged, then you have won half the battle.

Your content is what you have to present. If they find that appealing then they will surely sign up. Hence, this is one of the significant benefits of email marketing.

10. Special Treatments

You can provide special treats for your special customers using email marketing.

Everyone likes to be surprised with offers, discounts etc. You can do the same for your email customers.

Give them discounts or coupon codes or some freebees that can make them feel special and you can also surprise them.

Not only that, this act can also encourage other customers to sign up for your email marketing as well.


With the growth of internet users, the competition is also increasing. People nowadays find different methods to earn and make a name for their brands. Where the well off brands are doing good but the brands that are young, face the difficulty because they do have some constraints of both time and money. But email marketing can help you through, not only for the new businesses but also to the popular brands.

This marketing strategy has lots of benefits to be counted on. The top 10 are listed above.  Not only it helps to make your brand name but also it helps to build a transparent relationship between your brand and your customers. You get the freedom to present your services and products as you want to, as you want your customers to look on. So try it out. Email marketing has made the marketing thing all simple and hassle free.

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