20 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools For Online Marketers

20 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools For Online Marketers

Free digital marketing tools to know what people search for is important in today’s world of digital marketing. It is important to know which relevant words are important and what people search for. This will help you to know the public’s demands and needs about a particular topic. Once you get to know about what people search for you can gather keywords and this keyword will let you drive traffic to your website. Your website requires traffic and people who love your content. To know what they want is done by free tools.  

Free tools will let you know what people search for. After knowing people’s interest, you can include those words and mark them as keywords. Also, if you make content as per their needs, fulfill their requirement and make content on low competition words then you can drive organic traffic to your channel. It will help you to know where you can rank and you can find out your competitors and improve your keywords to rank among them. Let’s look at few tools to know what people search for: 


It is a chrome extension providing a good option to view that page and SERP metrics. It is absolutely free and can be used to check domain and authority. 


This is one of the best and budget friendly tools to know what people search for. It provides you to search on varied topics and will help you to know about trending topics as well. This tool will help you to find out the trending content. It also provides you free service but a subscription offer will give you many varieties of services. 


It is an all in one organic marketing free tool. It will help you know what people search for on a variety of topics. SEMrush will provide you with keywords as well as organic search results to optimise content marketing. It is so easy that if you use an URL to search then you will be provided with a number of keywords related to it. The snapshot of the SERP page is displayed for a particular country. It will help you check how Google displays your keyword on the website. There is a keyword gap tool also to check how our website is competing with other websites. Even here you can subscribe and bump into a paid version where you can enjoy more features. 


A very well renowned and accessible free digital marketing tool to discover relevant topics. A lot of people attain news through this well known platform. It is also a search engine. It has also developed with keyword research. 


It is a famous social media platform and a free tool to use to create content. Twitter’s algorithm will provide you with content you are interested in and things you follow. You can optimise your SEO according to location. Using hashtags will provide you with a lot of content and similar keywords. 


It is the second largest search engine. You can find a lot of videos here. There are plenty of informational and entertaining videos available on YouTube. It provides you with a trending section so that you can know what’s popular on YouTube. You must check what’s trending, keywords, content related to it and try to improve your content and search optimization. Then, you can compare it with your YouTube analytics. You can make trending videos according to your theme and get a chance to rank yourself on YouTube.

Answer The Public:

This is an amazing tool and little different as compared to others. It optimises searches from Google and Microsoft Bing and provides massive data to know what people search for. It presents data in a beautiful manner. Here you can search a simple topic and you will be provided with awesome keywords. You can get lots of niches and it is a systematic search tool. It is an absolutely free tool and you can gather the data from the website. 


It is also a trending social media platform where you can get a trending section to get what you want. It comprises an algorithm which is based according to your searches and interest and there you can get what kind of keyword you are looking for. It consists of very creative content ideas where you can explore them.


It is by Neil Patel a freemium tool. This is a kind of chrome extension and provides you with accurate results. It will help you to know about your client’s needs and their search to drive traffic to your channel. It is very easy to use and you can get results just by typing the word.

Screaming Frog:

It is a free tool. This tool provides you with a free SEO crawler. It will also help you to find out the competition and to work towards betterment. It will help you in keyword research and will provide you varied information regarding low competition words and about content marketing.

Google Autocomplete:

Google itself helps you with what people search for. It is easy and a part of Google tools only. It will help you to discover variations regarding your keyword. Once you type on the search bar and keep it incomplete you will get suggestions or related terms down which will consist of variations. These are nothing but the results of what people frequently search for on Google. 


Similar to SEMrush it is an all in one SEO tool which guides you and monitors competition through your keywords, helps you build keyword research and identify top ranking contents so that you can compete with them and improve your content. 


This is most frequently used by WordPress users. It guides you through writing titles, subtitles, description and helps select keywords, hashtags necessary for their content. It will help you optimise your content and to improve your ranking. 

TF*IDF tool by Seobility:

This tool is also a well-known tool which shares insights from texts and provides keywords which can help your website rank against competitors. You can discover low competition words. It has quite a limitation such that you can search only three keywords in a day for free. 


This is one of the best free digital marketing tools which analyzes your page’s speed and it’s overall performance. It will help you to understand where your website or content ranks. It is a really effective tool and you can experiment with many other sites as well. 

Keywords Everywhere:

This is the easiest way to see search results and keyword results below. It is a free browser that will provide you with search results and also about the growing competition. It runs in the background and therefore is a very easy way to check for your keyword and ranking. It’s added to the browser so you don’t even need to go to a specific website or an application.

It is also a chrome extension which provides you with building strategies and you can also check any webpage. It is a free SEO tool and user-friendly to identify 404 pages. It is absolutely free. 

SEO search simulator by nightwatch:

It is an effective tool to check where you rank on various websites. It is a free chrome extension. It simulates search engine queries from any location and helps you to improve your contact and website. 

Google Search Console:

This is also a part of Google tools. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to Google Search Console, you’ll find a wealth of keyword research and content marketing ideas there. Go to Google Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Analytics to discover what kind of terms people are using to locate your website. You’ll notice a list of terms that are gaining traction after you arrive.

Google News:

It provides you with many news sites and headlines searched frequently. It will provide you content with local interest and trending news. It is so effective that you just need to click on the headline and you can view the news which is currently trending. 

These were few effective and free digital marketing tools available for online marketers.

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