10 Real Benefits Of PPC For Business To Grow Fast

10 Real Benefits Of PPC For Business To Grow Fast

There are different kinds of marketing and its sectors of marketing, PPC is one of them. PPC or Pay-per-click is a system of internet or digital marketing where each time an ad is clicked the advertisers pay a fee. It’s a kind of paid promotion to visit the site. The benefits of PPC for business is huge in terms of getting fast traffic and conversion.

There are several different forms of PPC, one of them is search engine marketing. Here it will lead to bid advertisers for an ad’s placement in the search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword which is related to their business. Each time the ads are clicked the advertisers or the publishers will have to pay.

PPC is popularly known as CPC (cost per click). This is offered mainly by search engines like Google and many social networking sites as well like Facebook.

Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads are the best examples of PPCs.

In this blog we will be discussing about the benefits of PPC for business but before knowing that we must know how PPC does work.

PPC Working

Pay- per -click is initially based on keywords. Companies who use or want to use PPC have to do a thorough research on the keywords that are applicable to their products or services.

Mind you, investing in the right keywords can yield higher chances of clicks and later high profits.

PPC system is kind of a win – win situation for both publishers and the advertisers. For advertisers, it provides a chance to advertise their products and services to their target audiences.

Also a well curated PPC advertisement allows advertisers to save a little cash. For publishers, PPC sets a revenue source.

Companies online now are able to monetize their products using the PPC system.

Pay Per Click advertising rates are determined using the flat- rate or the bid – based model.

Flat – Rate Model

Here the advertisers pay a publisher a fixed rate per click.

Publishers will keep a list of different rates for the PPC that apply to different  areas of a website. It will surely be negotiable.

Also with high term and long term contract publishers can lower the rates as well.

Bid – Based Model

Here each advertiser makes a bid with the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a particular spot. Then the publisher will take an auction.

The auction will be tuned whenever a visitor triggers the ad spot. The winner of the auction is determined by the rank.

This rank will be considered by both the amount of money offered and also the quality of content offered. But the importance of content is preferred more.

10 PPC Statistics Might Make You Believe In The Benefits Of PPC For Business: –

In Google over 40,000 searches are processed every second. The Google Display Network has over 2 million websites.

It’s been found that 63 percent of people click willingly on Google ads. Also 75 percent of people who click on ads because it makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

In 2017, 7 million advertisers spent around $10 billion in PPC. Google analytics shows that PPC helps the website or a brand by a total of 80 percent.

Local businesses also see an increase of audience by total visits of 100 percent through PPC.

Businesses invest over 88 percent in social advertising on Facebook, 15 percent on LinkedIn and 15 percent on Twitter making it a total of 87 percent.

Now let’s see the benefits of PPC for business.

1. Business Goal

There are various benefits of PPC for business but the most important benefit is, PPC can help you achieve many of your goals for your business.

The goals level can be different but any conversional goal can be tracked.

2. Cost Control

One of the great benefits of PPC for business is that it helps you to control your budget, targeting and ad placements. In short it’s very budget friendly.

Also, you can quickly find the spot for your ads.

3. Provides Instant Traffic

It provides you instant traffic on your business website. 

Where the organic methods are mainly focused on getting the content on the first page,  PPC Content already has that advantage.

When you need instant and fast results you can opt for the PPC strategy.

4. Right Target Audience

Another benefit of PPC for business is, it can help you find the right audience. Moreover, you will find the audience at the right time i.e., when they are looking for something similar to your products or services.

Your products and services will be shown to the people who will be interested in investing in them.

5. PPC Helps Your SEO Strategy

If you are a first time user of SEO or don’t have much knowledge about it, but you don’t want to risk your ranking of your content, you can use SEO strategy in PPC.

 Once you are sure that you are ready to commit to SEO, you can go with it.

Organic keywords are normally hidden due to privacy reasons. But PPC has no such restrictions, that means you can easily review and research keywords well without any hindrance

PPC helps you to improve all your websites without waiting or worrying about ranks.

6. Positive ROI

The sixth and one of the vital benefits of PPC for business is, the PPC method is very easy to measure, unlike some other paid options.

You can work on making better ads until they give a positive ROI. You would never have to spend more on PPC compared to what you get in return.

7. PPC Ads And Algorithms

One of the best benefits of PPC for business is, unlike the other organic methods, PPC doesn’t depend on algorithm or algorithm changes.

You can easily analyse how your current and upcoming ads will perform based on your previous matrix or results.

8. Multilayered Targeting Option

Multilayer targeting option is also one of the unique benefits of PPC for business.

PPC puts many metrics like users location, age, interest to the advertisers so that they can use their target customers. 

You can also see what kind of users will respond to your ad campaigns when you use PPC.

You can also identify which platforms do your target audience use. Using that you can show your presence in those platforms as well.

9. Retargeting

PPC combined with the analytics will allow you to see users interact or react with your ad. Depending on the reaction you can improve more on those specific areas.

The retargeting will be working because you know that they are already interested in your products.

With this you can cover up with highly specific advertising ideas. This can help improve the brand as well as draw new customers in. This is really a great benefit of PPC.

10. Ease

PPC ads don’t require a degree holder or a techy guy to perform. Therefore, it’s simple to use and one of the best benefits of PPC for business. 

It’s very simple to set up and it’s very easily accessible for every business. And also, it works on every platform like Google ads, Facebook ads etc.


In recent years with the rise of digitalization PPC advertising is an expanding industry which is also constantly changing. As a business owner you surely have a lot on your list to work on and maybe you don’t have time to spend on thinking and working with keywords to get up your ranks. That time PPC would be the best option for you. 

For better results, you can also hire a PPC management agency which will make your work easier by looking after your ranks as well as your budget. I am quite sure if you get the above mentioned benefits of PPC for business, your business will grow in a very short span of time.

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