A Brief Recap About Pay Per Click Advertising Service


Pay-per-click is a digital marketing strategy. At every moment, thousands of people visit social media, that is why Pay Per Click advertising on such platforms becomes a great business idea for marketers. At each click on such advertisements, you need to pay so this type of strategy does not depend on the views it gains. 

Just by the name, Pay-per-click seems to be an easy topic. But the truth is it has a deep knowledge. This blog will give you the main information about Pay-per-click advertising.

Types of Pay-per-click advertisements:

Paid search marketing includes displaying advertisements on search engines like Google or Yahoo. When people search for any kind of activity like videos, images, music, recipes, etc the advertisement will be visible to them in the middle of them. But here paid search marketing does not target a specified audience.

Display advertising:

Display advertising includes promoting the brand in the form of logos, texts, videos, animation, or other graphics on the internet. It always aims only at targeted users to increase their sales production. Hence, many interested users click on the advertisement.

Social media advertising:

Your content will be advertised on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. As more than 4 billion users are active on social media platforms, therefore more people will view and click your advertisement.

Retargeting PPC advertising:

This is the cleverest way of Pay-per-click advertisement. Once your content is advertised and after a while, it will be removed from the particular platform. Then a list of people who viewed it will be created and re-target. By doing so, people will tend to click the advertisement next time. 

Working of Pay-per-click advertising:

  1. When you pay any marketing agency for advertising your ad, they first upload it on any search engine website.
  2. Once you upload, many viewers will see your advertisement.
  3. But the paying method does not depend on how many people viewed the ad. In fact, it depends on the number of people who clicked and got redirected through your website or social media platform.
  4. Usually, with each click, the amount which you need to pay will be a particular amount of money.

Points to remember while planning to use Pay-per-click advertising service:

Creating a decorative advertisement:

Such ads only pop up in the middle of the content which the user is viewing on the internet. Design the poster or logo in such a way that it diverts the customer’s attention and attracts them to click on it at least once.

Build a professional website or platform:

Of course, after clicking on Pay-per-click, a person will directly get redirected to your website or any social media platform which you have set for redirecting. Make sure to mention all the advantages of buying the product to tempt the customers.


You can advertise in any specific country. So try to identify which location people would like to buy more of your products.

Use the right keywords:

Search engine optimization is the main key for any advertisements in the search engines platform. Always use the right titles on the website or platform along with the poster. 

Use third-party tools for SEO:

Some of the apps or links allow you to find the words or phrases which people frequently use on search engine websites like Google or Bing. If you find interest in uploading Pay-per-click advertisements on Google then you can use the tool “Google keyword planner”.

Bidding system:

Do you know that you can bid for each Pay-per-click? Yes, you have heard that right. You can increase or decrease the amount that a particular platform offers where you want to promote your content. But it affects the advertisement because if you bid for a lower amount, the platform may push it more downwards where most people usually do not visit. If you bid for a higher amount, a user will find your advertisement on the top right after he or she searches or opens a website.

Choose the promotion site wisely:

Have research on which search engine you need to Pay-per-click to advertise your brand. You might be thinking of promoting it on the most famous website like Google. But let me remind you one thing that you have a lot of competitors around you and are trying to Pay-per-click for their brand too. Your advertisement may not find the viewers in many of the others. But choosing the least viewed website which is not so famous is also a disadvantage. So gather information about the moderate search engine.

How to create a Pay-per-click advertisement?

You might be aware of people’s choice that they never get interested in viewing or clicking on a very big advertisement. That is why many marketers follow some guidelines in order to gain the customer’s attraction. Here are some useful guidelines to follow while creating a Pay-per-click advertisement.

  1. There must be two headlines. The first one mentions the main title of the advertisement and the second one just a short summary of it.
  2. Both the headlines shouldn’t be more than 30 characters.
  3. The description shouldn’t be more than 80 characters.
  4. The description may look more attractive if it’s in bullet points.
  5. Some of the marketers make a silly mistake by inserting all the cap locks word in the whole content. This does not attract customers but instead makes them more irritated.
  6. One should avoid additional spacing.
  7. Exclamation marks only look good in the description but not in the headlines.
  8. There should be fewer symbols and more alphabet.
  9. Only mention the main words and try to avoid adding extra information about the product or company which people can easily view in the description of a website or social media platform.
  10. Contact details are necessary for every Pay-per-click advertisement because sometimes people cannot redirect even after clicking it. So they can have a note of it and directly contact you.

Unlike the previous generation, this era has got a lot of opportunities for marketers and business people to promote and advertise their content around the world digitally. And here Pay-per-click advertising service also plays an important role. So try to utilize such technologies before it’s too late!

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