15 Best Digital Marketing Institutes In India With Placement [Latest]

15 Best Digital Marketing Institutes In India With Placement [Latest]

Today, in India, there are numerous digital marketing institutes and it is quite obvious that education in digital marketing is at its all-time high. From small startups to multinational companies, digital marketing has spread its wings everywhere. The digital marketing institutes in India with placement support is known to be a boon in the industry nowadays.

Now the questions that run in the minds of people are: Are there any of the best digital marketing institutes in India? Or are there any professionals and experts who teach digital marketing courses in India in a short span? Well, if you are surrounded by similar questions, then you have come to the right place. 

This blog will take you on a tour of the 15 wonderful and best digital marketing institutes in India with placement support. Let’s dive deeper into these digital marketing institutes in India.

1. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing is one of the best institutes in India with placement. It provides high class training in the field of digital marketing. The main aim of Academy Of Digital marketing is that it makes their students familiar with the modern online techniques and technologies of digital marketing.

It offers training by high end trainers. Not only that, It offers various courses that include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

The course fee is affordable. They have Certification Program In Digital Marketing and Master Program In Digital Marketing courses. The institute offers internship programs that are paid. Moreover, It helps in enhancing the skills of the students. The courses offered by Academy Of Digital Marketing not only helps the students to learn the deep insights of digital marketing, but also helps them to have a better understanding of the real problem solving case studies.

It offers really amazing placement assistance for modern industries. The institute provides you with web hosting at absolutely free of cost for practical training experience. Most importantly, It provides the opportunity to work on live projects during the training program.

2. UpGrad

UpGrad is one of the best digital marketing institutions in India with placement support. The training provided by this institute is of the highest level, and the list of coaches they have is remarkable. One can become an expert digital marketer via a certified program with live sessions. 

The course offered is unique as it relies mainly on the basic and philosophical values of marketing. It helps you create a personal professional resume that stands out from the crowd. They have collaborated with the industry’s best minds to improve their educational programs.

3. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya was founded in 2009 and was the first institute in India to hold social media education workshops. It started offering the accredited Digital Marketing Masters course as a full training program. It includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and web analytics. 

The specialised modules are Facebook marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, programmatic marketing, and many more. The courses are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. The organisation is planning to reach other regions as well. 


AIMA stands for All India Management Association. It has a great digital marketing course in India. It offers:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing analytics and display ads email marketing
  • Web analytics

AIMA has partnered with Digital Vidya for the content and study material for the curriculum. The placement support is also really amazing in this Institute.

5. NIIT marketing institute in India

NIIT stands for the National Institute of Information Technology. It was the first digital marketing institute in India to introduce a systematic curriculum in 2012. The training in this institute is not available online. 

There are more than a hundred NIIT learning centres in over 30 Indian cities. Physical presence is a must. Four courses are offered by the NIIT Digital Marketing Institute in India. –

i. Professional diploma in digital marketing in India

ii. Professional diploma in mobile marketing

iii. professional diploma in social media marketing

iv. Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

The courses offered by the institute are high-class. NIIT is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India with placement support.

6. Manipal Pro Learn

You may have heard of Manipal Pro Learn. It is a very popular Indian brand. They run clinics and institutes for studying resorts and residences. They offer digital marketing training as a part of Manipal Global Education Services.

It provides three months of the course, and the fee is Rs. 25000 + service charge. They target teachers, professionals, business professionals, and entrepreneurs who are searching for job possibilities in the marketing field and those who are not interested in roaming and studying in a setup.

7. Internet Marketing School

Internet Marketing School is a digital marketing institute in India that has partnered with Google. They have professionals who provide quality training and amazing job opportunities. The institute provides you with classroom digital marketing courses in India.

Their institutes are located in Delhi, Kolkata, Raipur, Lucknow, and Bhubaneswar. Their curriculum includes search engine optimization, social media optimization, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and inbound marketing.

8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India with placement. The digital marketing courses by Henry Harvin are ranked as one of the top 5 most influential digital marketing courses in India. 

The digital marketing course in India by Henry Harvin is really helpful for aspirants to achieve their career goals in the digital world effectively and efficiently. It leads to the enhancement of your skills and is enough to stand out as a competitor to other organisations. 

This digital marketing course includes SEO, email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, content strategy, and mobile marketing. You are provided with both online and offline options for the training sessions at your convenience.

Henry Harvin provides you with the best internship and job opportunities at top companies. It is not only limited to specific courses, but it also offers courses in different disciplines such as business analytics, financial accounting, six sigma, data visualisation, Power BI, and much more. 

Content writing courses, creative writing courses, and technical writing courses are also offered by Henry Harvin. It provides digital marketing courses in Mumbai, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Noida.

9. EduKart

Edukart was founded in 2011. It offers a certified 6-month course for digital marketing that you can learn online. Their high quality of education contributes to the growth and expansion of the student’s expertise in digital marketing. Their office is in Delhi, but the course is delivered worldwide through the online platform.

It provides qualified teachers and entrepreneurs who can train today’s youth in short-term courses. It will enable you to enhance your personality and develop a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and Google online marketing.

10. TechStack Pvt. Ltd

TechStack Private Limited is one of the best digital institutes in India with placement support. It is a complete training institute in Delhi that offers training courses in digital marketing, Java, web development, and WordPress with a strong base of placement support. 

They provide placement services and job opportunities. Their focus is on three major arenas for the upliftment of their students, including creative ideation, quality training, and smart classes. Over the years, Techstack has reached heights all over the world. In the present day, they have more than 5000 clients who have appreciated their creativity and students’ productivity.

11. MCTA

MCTA is the only digital marketing institute in India that offers training under the guidance of experienced professionals. It offers classroom and knowledge sessions with 80+ hours of learning.

This institute is listed among the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India.It offers great knowledge and methodology in the world of digital marketing. It enhances digital marketing skills and provides the best placement opportunities. 

One can get a real-time digital marketing course with MCTA. It offers a wide range of courses like SEO, SEM, digital marketing programs, and many more.

12. Brandveda

It was founded in 2014. Its main objective is to give high-class education in digital marketing.

The institute also offers numerous live webinars. It helps the students work, understand, grow, and achieve their goals in the digital marketing field. This is one of Gujarat’s leading digital marketing institutes in India. It provides a variety of courses that include SEO, SEM, e-commerce, and so on.

13. KDMI

The name stands for Kolkata Digital Marketing Institute. KDMI is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India with placements. Its main objective is to motivate students and entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and offer them a bright future.

It is not just about digital marketing certification; their vision is that every individual is unique in his or her way. Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses. The trainers are well-certified and hard-working. You can upskill yourself with the best digital marketing skills from KDMI.

14. Skill Circle

The skill circle inspires and motivates the students to learn skills that have an innate capability to make them financially free. It helps them become self-employed. The skills that are provided by the skill circle cover a wide range of knowledge. 

It provides digital marketing courses such as the data science master’s programme as well as influence marketing. The duration of these courses is 3 to 4 months. You can also pursue them on a weekend basis.

15. NetMax

NetMax is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India with placements. Whether you are a beginner or an entrepreneur who wants to enhance your online involvement and digital marketing skills, NetMax digital marketing courses are perfect for you.

It offers courses such as Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click, online reputation management, and Google analytics and awards, which are highly demanded in the workforce nowadays. 

It does not only offer these courses, but also others that combine Python and the Internet of Things with embedded systems and CAD design.


As we are all very well aware, the entire nation is gradually turning digital. It is prevalent in every nook and corner. You need to have a look at your skills and enhance them. It will lead you to achieve success. 

Reading this blog is not only the ultimate solution; taking action by choosing from the above-mentioned 15 wonderful and best digital marketing institutes and working on your skills is exactly what you need to do. Choose wisely, according to your convenience, timing, and other considerations. This is the perfect time to work on yourselves and create a better future.

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