Choose Among The Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes In Kolkata

Choose Among The Top 10 Digital Marketing  Institutes In Kolkata

For people searching for the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Kolkata we have compiled a data of the top 10 institutes along with its features, faculty and other relevant information. 

Kolkata affectionately referred to as the City of Joy is forever evolving, be it in terms of education, culture or heritage. It has already carved a niche for itself with the change in the shift of market paradigm; Kolkata is ready to take on new strides as the frontier of digital marketing in India. It is highly evident from the recent mushrooming of the digital marketing institutes in every nook and corner of the city. These institutes offer diverse marketing tools to cater to every segment of the society. 

The inherent nature of the people of Kolkata is to adapt to new and diverse fields of learning and career. It is this thirst for knowledge which led to the search for digital marketing courses. Given the rising importance of digital marketing worldwide, knowledge and digital marketing skills is imperative to meet the challenges of this new and exciting field.

Why Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Institute Is Important?

There are several notable digital marketing institutes in Kolkata with their own area of specialisation and method of training. Upon successful completion of the course from a reputable digital marketing institute opens a plethora of opportunities for bussing and skilled digital marketing professionals. They are then ready to make a grand entry into the new and existing world of digital marketing without any hiccups.  

Before we divulge into what makes Academy of Digital Marketing stand out amongst all other prominent digital marketing institutes in Kolkata. Let us first compile a checklist that will help us to ascertain the best among the many. 

  • Ascertain whether the course is a practical oriented one with plenty of opportunities to work on live projects.
  • Ascertain whether the institute enjoys a high reputation amongst its competitors. If need be, go through the reviews and ratings of the institute. 
  • Examine the credentials of the faculty members to ascertain whether they have the requisite knowledge and training.
  • Make sure the institute awards globally recognised certificates like Google Analytics, Google Ad words certificate


1. Academy of Digital Marketing

At Academy of Digital Marketing, you are taught the necessary skills to be a leader in your area of choice. Academy of Digital Marketing encourages out of box thinking and focuses on rigorous training and creativity. Needless to say, thanks to their training and guidance they have been able to produce some of the finest digital marketers year after year. 

Staying focussed and well informed is the only way to remain ahead of your competitors. The Academy of Digital Marketing courses are modelled to accommodate both full time students and office goers who are otherwise engaged with zeal to excel. The digital marketing course is customised to meet the industry needs in compassing within itself a wide array of digital marketing tools to choose from. For instance, search engine optimisation, Search Engine marketing, social media marketing to name a few.

What the institute offers?

With over 200 digital marketing tools to choose from, it has indeed lived to its vision of educating people in modern online technologies of marketing. With the passion for providing highly rated digital marketers when adept to take on practical challenges, the course ensures that the students get hands-on training while working on live projects. The faculty consisting of some of the brightest minds in the industry is always there to guide the students every step of the training. In the current situation with more and more business organisations taking to digitalisation it has become the trend among the new generation to be equipped with the necessary skills to make a foray into the new era. 

Transformation is inevitable. It comes from constantly reforming and re-inventing yourself. Given the pace at which the industry is changing, theoretical knowledge is a pass. The Academy of Digital Marketing is constantly transforming itself to meet the needs of tomorrow. Besides laying emphasis on live projects, it offers its students free web hosting as part of the practical training. With a plethora of globally recognised certificates to be won upon successful completion of the training together with 100 % placement assistance, three months of paid internship, doubt clearing session and a chance to participate in mock interviews. There is no doubt that it is the top choice for students scouting for the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata.

2. Digital scholar

It is another institute which provides online training to students. It has major tie ups with other digital marketing agencies throughout the country and offers 100% placement assistance. 

3. Internet marketing school

This is another premier digital marketing institute ever since its inception in 2016. They offer both online and offline courses. This institute also offers 100% placement assistance. 

4. Vision upliftment Academy

The institute provides live classroom training to students, entrepreneurs and professionals alike. You are free to choose from a wide array of digital marketing courses available. 

5. Promoz SEO

Promoz SEO has made it to the list of the top 10 promising digital marketing institutes according to Silicon India. The course duration is 7 months. And, it comprises 65 modules each encompassing 100s of topics together with sub topics. 

6. Calcutta Media Institute

It is the brainchild of ABP Pvt ltd. The institute offers a post graduate diploma program in digital marketing along with other similar courses related to media and management. 

7. Advanced Institute of Digital Training

One of Kolkata’s most prestigious digital marketing institutes. The students have the option to choose from 3 levels of programs- certification, professional and advance. 

8. W3 Web school

The institute offers advanced SEO training. The course is mostly practical based with 20% devoted to theoretical learning. 

9. White hat Academy

It guides the students taking up Google ad words examinations booth at the beginners as well as advanced level. 

10. Karmick Institute

Karmick Institute courses are mostly related to information technology. The curriculums are remodelled to include the major search engines. 

We are sure you will find the right institute best suited to you from amongst the list of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Kolkata.

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