10 Google Digital Marketing Courses | Become Google Certified

10 Google Digital Marketing Courses | Become Google Certified

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing and find out about the best Google digital marketing courses?

Do you want to get Google certified and start your career with a powerful digital marketing certification?


Google Digital Marketing Courses will teach you all you need to know about digital marketing, including search engines, search marketing, and paid advertising, as well as social media, mobile marketing, analytics, and more.

Advertisers and internet marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities as the world of digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid rate.

Purpose of Learning Digital Marketing

Google Digital Marketing Courses are designed to teach students and marketing professionals about digital marketing channels, techniques, and practises that can help them channelize and optimise their Google campaigns.

“170,000 digital marketing jobs are projected by 2022,” according to The Digital Marketing Institute, “and there aren’t enough digital experts to fill them.” This gives students studying digital marketing a distinct competitive advantage: you’re preparing for a vocation where demand outnumbers supply.”

Students who want to understand digital marketing and participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenges should take Google’s digital marketing course. Even if a person spends a lot of money on these Google Digital Marketing Courses, the basics must be understood in order to pass the exam.

Beneficial for marketers

Marketers will learn a variety of skills in this course that will help them develop a satisfying career in Digital Marketing. Google’s digital marketing classes assist marketers in learning AdWords and preparing for the Google Partners AdWords Certification tests.

Let’s start with the pre-course preparation for Google Digital Marketing Courses, and then we’ll go into the 10 Google Digital Marketing Courses.

Google Digital Marketing Courses Require Pre-Course Preparation

It would be good if you spent some time completing the procedures outlined below before beginning the Google digital marketing course.

Before you begin, make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account. You should be logged into your Google Account in order to access the majority of Google Digital Marketing courses.

If you plan on taking the Google AdWords Certification Exams, you’ll need to create a Google Partners account by following the procedures below:
  1. First and foremost, go to Google.com/partners.
  2. Then you must select – Become a Google Partner.
  3. Following that, you’ll be needed to click. Join Now (at this point, if you haven’t already done so, you must sign in to your Google Account)
  4. You must now agree to the terms of service.
  5. Then you must decide whether or not you wish to receive emails from Partners.
  6. You must first click Sign up, and then search for “GOMC” and opt to affiliate with the Google Online Marketing Challenge under “Search for your firm to unlock additional benefits.”
  7. Finally, from the left-hand menu, select Certifications and then the See Exams button to begin taking Google digital marketing classes exams.

One of the top online courses offered by Google is their free digital marketing course. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to master the fundamentals of digital marketing while also being recognised by a prestigious organisation.

Certificate in digital marketing from Google Now that you’ve completed your Google Marketing Course pre-course preparation, it’s time to learn about the Google Digital Marketing Courses List:

The Top Ten Google Digital Marketing Courses:

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing – Google Digital Unlocked Course

This course module gives students a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape and introduces all of the major ideas and vocabulary that will be covered in later courses.

To give you a sense of what Digital Marketing entails, it is a combination of marketing through numerous web platforms. Search Engines, Social Media, and E-Mails are the most common of these routes.

It’s worth taking the course if you can acquire free online digital marketing courses with Google credentials. Learn the principles of digital marketing and you’ll be able to dominate your market.

Google’s Digital Unlocked is a resource that will help you improve your digital expertise and learn Digital Marketing more effectively. It’s your one-stop shop for mastering digital marketing skills, with free Digital Marketing courses on everything from search to SEO to social media to help you expand your online business or career in digital marketing.

(i) Google’s Digital Unlocked platform is free; all you have to do is register. By viewing the classes and testing your understanding with fun and quick quizzes, you can simply complete your Google Digital Marketing course plan (which consists of twenty-three topics). Finally, when you pass the exam, you’ll be able to unlock certification questions and obtain certificates.

(ii) This course is ideal for anyone interested in getting started in digital marketing and enhancing their digital marketing skills with certificates to boost their CV. You can view multiple video tutorials from Google’s everyday DM specialists in the Digital Unlocked Introduction to Digital Marketing Course.

(iii) Digital Unlocked also helps you comprehend the practical side of DM learning by giving you strategies to apply your knowledge and put what you’ve learned to the test.

(iv) Digital Unlocked comes with The Primer app. This provides 5-minute digital marketing lessons in Hindi and English to teach you how to start a business. Also it teaches about how to develop a website, do SEO, run online advertisements, and more.

It provides free Digital Marketing courses. It contains Google Analytics certifications for those who complete all of the content in the Google Digital marketing courses.

It’s worth noting that, while Google Digital Marketing Courses teach you how to accomplish things, they don’t always provide you with a lot of knowledge on how to apply these methods in real-world situations.

2. AdWords Fundamentals Courses

Digital advertising allows you to target your ads to the types of clients you need while filtering out the ones you don’t. When you use AdWords to advertise on the web, you can use a variety of targeting tactics to reach potential customers just when they’re looking for your products or services.

The lessons in this course assist students in developing a fundamental understanding of AdWords and preparing for the AdWords Fundamentals exam.

(i) AdWords Exam Study Guide

It’s for people who want to study for the AdWords Fundamentals exam. It provides information and data on the most important aspects of web-based advertising and AdWords, such as the benefits of internet advertising, how to set up and manage an AdWords campaign, and how to measure and streamline your campaign’s execution.

(ii) AdWords Refresher Guide

This handy Refresher Guide is a condensed version of the entire AdWords Fundamentals Study Guide. And also can serve as a great refresher before taking the exam or while working on your AdWords ad campaign.

(iii) Google Ads Academy

It guides you through Google’s advertising products and equips you with the skills you’ll need to thrive in online marketing. To acquire an Achievement to display on your profile, you must complete each of the Google Digital Marketing courses, pass the Assessment, and earn an Achievement.

(iv) AdWords Success Guide

A collection of tools to assist you understand what you need to know about internet marketing. Create a campaign that attracts new customers, and track and improve the results of your AdWords advertising efforts.

(v) Using Ad Extensions to Create Relevant Ads

Using advertisement extensions is akin to putting a big banner on your campaign that says, “I’m here.” As a result, the Digital Marketing Course by integrating advertisement extensions, Google will assist you in determining how to improve the visibility of your Ads and increase click-through rates.

(vi) How to Create the Most Effective Keyword List

Creating an exceptional keyword list allows advertisers to communicate the best message to potential clients in the most efficient way possible. These Google Digital Marketing Courses will teach you how to say the most important thing at the most appropriate time.

(vii) Campaign Configuration

With Campaign Settings, you’ll be able to figure out how to have your advertisement viewed when and when you need it.

(viii) Budgeting in Three Easy Steps

This will assist you in determining how to manage and maximise the benefits of your financial plan.

3. Search Advertising Course

Advertisements on the Google Search Network let advertisers reach the right people at the right time by leveraging crucial keyword databases. This course’s modules assist students in developing a thorough understanding of search advertising optimization best practises and preparing for the Search Advertising test.

(i) Exam Study Guide for Search Advertising

This book is intended for those who are preparing for the Search Advertising exam. It teaches you all you need to know about search, including how to create Ad Campaigns, Ad Configurations, and how to screen and improve ad performance.

This handy resource is a condensed version of the entire Search Advertising Study Guide. It serves as a great refresher before taking the AdWords exam or while managing your AdWords campaign.

(iii) Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: An Overview (RLSA)

RLSA enables you to convey the appropriate message to the right person at the right time.

4. Display Advertising Course

Isn’t it fascinating to learn how Google’s digital marketing training may help you achieve your goals? You should be aware of the advertising course…

It can enable you reach people when they’re browsing their favourite websites, watching a complementary YouTube video, reviewing their Gmail account, or using mobile apps and sites.

In preparation for the Display Advertising exam, the lessons in this Google Digital Marketing course discuss what different types of display ads are, how they work, and best practises for campaign administration.

(i) Exam Preparation Guide

It’s the greatest option for people who want to study for the Display Advertising exam. It covers the basics and advanced ideas of display advertising, as well as best practises for creating, administering, monitoring, and simplifying display ad campaigns on the Display Network.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a condensed version of the entire Display Advertising Study Guide. And it can serve as a great refresher before taking the exam or while working on your AdWords campaign.

(iii) Display Preferences

This will assist you in determining how to make the most of the GDN’s Display campaign settings.

(iv) An Overview of Remarketing

It teaches you about remarketing and reminds others of what you’re doing. They may have missed it the first time for unclear reasons, but remarketing says, “I’m good enough to take another look.”

(v) Creating a Remarketing Plan

It will show you how to set up remarketing tags and will show you the best techniques for capturing the customer insights needed for solid remarketing records.

5. Mobile Advertising Course

This course’s courses introduce you to the growing importance of smartphones and mobile advertising. Additionally, it prepares you for the Mobile Advertising exam. You’ll learn how to run mobile Ad campaigns, best practises, and much more.

(i) Exam Preparation Guide

It is ideal for those who need to prepare for mobile bidding and targeting, mobile advertisements, estimating, and other similar tasks.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a condensed version of the entire Mobile Advertising Study Guide. And it also serves as a great reminder before taking the exam or when working on your Mobile AdWords campaigns.

(iii) Mobile Ads

With customers increasingly in a rush, learning how to run mobile ads that catch their attention is critical. You can learn how to create fantastic promotions that deserve people’s attention by reading Google’s guidebook.

6. Video Advertising Course

A video is one of the most effective ways to establish a genuine connection with potential customers. The modules in this Google digital marketing course explain the importance of video, examine how video campaigns function, and provide best practises for video promotion in preparation for the Video Advertising exam.

(i) Exam Preparation Guide

This Exam Study Guide is intended for those who are preparing for the Video Advertising exam. The course covers everything from basic to sophisticated video advertising concepts. And also, you can learn how video promotions on YouTube and the Google Display Network can assist your customers in achieving their advertising goals.

It also encompasses the creation and management of video advertising campaigns, as well as performance measurement and optimization.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a condensed version of the entire Video Advertising Study Guide. It can serve as a great refresher before taking the exam or while working on your video advertising AdWords campaign.

(iii) Types of Video Ads

Learn about the many types of video commercials and how they might benefit your customer’s business.

(iv) Selling Video AdWords

Using AdWords for video allows you to tap into the world’s largest video audience. It enables you to show AdWords for video as a response to a business partner.

(v) Video Ads: How to Create Them

It guides you through the process of creating a video advertisement for your business partners using YouTube in the shortest time feasible.

7. Shopping Advertising Course

Shopping ad campaigns put your product photos, price, and company name in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer on Google.

This course includes courses on setting up and managing your Google Merchant Center account, optimising shopping campaigns, and best practises for preparing for the Shopping Advertising exam.

(i) Exam Preparation Guide

It is recommended for those who need to prepare for the Shopping Advertising exam. The course covers everything from setting up and managing your Google Merchant Center account to product data feed submission, bidding, and optimization, among other topics.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This is a condensed version of the entire Shopping Advertising Study Guide. It can serve as a great refresher before taking the exam or managing your shopping AdWords campaigns.

8. Analytics Course

Analytical Services Google Digital Marketing includes a discussion of Google Analytics. This includes, why it’s important, how it works, and how to navigate the features.

(i) Analytics Academy

To prepare for the Analytics IQ exam, you must complete the Analytics Academy’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform Principles courses. These will teach you how to use Analytics, create a Google Analytics account, acquire data, explore reports, and more.

(ii) Study Guide for Analytics IQ

These Help Center articles will help you prepare for the Analytics IQ exam in the most efficient way possible. Even if you have already completed the Analytics Academy’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform Principles courses.

(iii) Adwords and Analytics

Discover how integrating AdWords and Analytics may improve your campaign messaging, bidding, and execution.

(iv) Smart Goals in Google Analytics

Learn about Smart Goals and how they may assist you in identifying the most engaged customers on your customer’s website.

9. Tools and Best Practices Course

An effective advertising campaign necessitates careful strategy and execution. Students should use the resources in this course to better understand their prospects and competitors. Also they can research the most recent digital marketing trends and keyword searches in their fields.

Guide to Google Best Practices

Google’s Finest Practices Series provides invaluable advice on the best search engine marketing methods, AdWords approaches, and the fundamentals of paid search advertising. The following are some of the tools offered in Google Digital Marketing Courses:

(i) Google Planning Tools 

(ii) The Keyword and Display Planners

(iii) Google Trends 

(iv) Consumer Barometer, and so forth

10. Google My Business Course

Even though creating a Google My Business page is not a requirement for the Google Online Marketing Challenge, keeping an eye on it and sharing it with your business partner can be quite beneficial for furthering your customer’s online presence.

This optional course focuses on Google My Business. This is a resource that allows storefront or local service area business owners to build or claim a free Google business listing. The Google digital marketing training will teach you how to set up Google My Business and make the most of it.

What is Google My Business, and how does it work?

Google My Company is a free tool that helps entrepreneurs and business owners keep their information in Google Search and Maps correct and up to date. You can include and change information like store address, hours of operation, and images by going through a verification process. The course consists of the following components:

(i) What is the significance of a Google My Business listing?

(ii) How to Make a Business Listing and Verify It

(iii) Making Changes to Business Information

Who is eligible to enrol in Google’s Digital Marketing Courses?

(i) College Graduates

Regardless of your educational background, you can easily enrol in a Digital Marketing Course. While Digital Marketing is a short-term course, it can be completed while continuing to study.

(ii) Professionals in Marketing

To widen their horizons in the marketing landscape, marketing professionals can enrol in a digital marketing course. Marketing experts can obtain an in-depth understanding of the digital world by enrolling in Google’s Digital Marketing Course. This will help them create their marketing plans.

(ii) People seeking a career change

People who are seeking for a job change might enrol in Google’s Digital Marketing Course to offer their career objectives a new direction.

(iv) Businessmen & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople can enrol in Google’s Digital Marketing Course to improve their business strategy and plans. And also to engage their target audience, and increase sales and conversions.

Google Digital Marketing Courses are designed to assist digital marketers in learning everything there is to know about digital marketing in the most thorough and practical way possible. To learn how to receive a Google Digital Marketing certification, read this Quora answer.

Marketers can use Google Digital Marketing courses to assist them pass certification examinations and become Google certified digital marketers. But, before you get started, you should have a good understanding of the Digital Marketing Course Content.


To become a true Digital Marketer and learn how to study Digital Marketing, though, you’ll need a lot of practise. And, like any other talent, you need substantial supervision. You cannot truly comprehend Digital Marketing unless you examine a large number of case studies. And you should learn from the experiences of a good Digital Marketer.

The Academy Of Digital Marketing Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) Course is designed to assist students in passing their Google Digital Marketing Certification Exams. Not only that, but this digital marketing university will teach you all you need to know about becoming a great digital marketer.

Furthermore, the program’s instructors are Google certified and will assist you in understanding the practical parts of Google Digital Marketing Courses. Also, they will dispel any questions you may have about how to master digital marketing.

If you have any questions concerning Google’s finest digital marketing courses or Google Digital Marketing Certification programmes, please leave them in the comments.

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