List of 10 important factors in the SEO ranking

List Of 10 Important Factors In The SEO Ranking (2024)

In order to rank better on the Google search, there is an algorithm that the websites which rank better consider and use. Certain factors of SEO might be kept in mind to ensure the high SEO ranking of your website.

These factors are a lot in number but here in this blog we are going to elaborate upon the different factors that must be considered and a list of the most important among those.

So try to read through all of it and learn everything essential for high SEO ranking. Because, you need to fulfil the very motive to create a more competitive and effective way. This is because your website can access a lot more of the target audience and attention.

So, when you do have the opportunity to attract this high traffic, why sit back. And why you should dwell in ignorance rather than use the knowledge and potential. This knowledge will bring in more traffic to the relevant content that you offer.

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This deserves to be put out in a way to attract more attention. So let’s get to the factors that help you to get the desired make high SEO ranking:

1. Optimization Of Content Using Keywords

This is strictly relevant. Because, any content that is created should be addressed in a way that gives access to a higher traffic or target audience. This is the very niche purpose behind a higher SEO ranking.

So, to do that Optimization of content using the keywords that help in locating the contents with more ease is simply a must. The intricacies in doing this also includes researching keywords that are searched more on Google.

And also, the keywords which  will simply make your website appear over the search results when someone wants to look for it.


This is second among the major factors that lead to a better SEO ranking. Backlinks are primarily the links put down on other guest blogging websites. These websites will give a link back to your website and represent your website.

A proper order of use of these links works on enhancing the overall rating of your website on Google.

Make sure to add the backlinks from famous and reputable websites. This will clearly influence what you get out of it as well, which is a higher ranking.

3. Page Speed

This is another relevant factor, which is more about pleasing and giving the user a better experience. As a result it will in turn be important for more people to get to your website and engage in your content.

Page speed can be fixed by many quick means which increases the ease of doing it by not deteriorating the essence. And also not decreasing the relevance of it in getting a higher SEO ranking.

4. Relevant Content

Relevancy and length appearance of what feels better compared to their performance in the beginning with blog posts. And, comparing it for the same and determining which format works best.

Then decide what is the next step or action that can be taken. Additionally, try to determine whether previous attempts have been successful or not, and if not, fix them.

A content audit will assist you in determining what most appeals to your audience and identifying if there are any gaps at all. Ensuring that only relevant content and the right length to it is put forth for better SEO ranking.

5. Design

For a website to have better SEO ranking in search results, it must make sure it has a more responsive design that can change depending upon the user’s device.

This is so that their users or viewers may use it with any way of using a desktop computer or mobile phones. How we can analyse this is by understanding that when it comes to usability and accessibility related to search ranking elements and researching upon it.

You can do this by using the mobile friendly tool of Google. 

6. Credibility Of The Domain Authority

One of the criteria the search engines use to determine how relevant a website is to a certain search query is how long the site has been available.

You may figure this out by counting the number of years since a domain name was registered and deducting it from the current year. So, in its most generalised version, it is simpler for a site to rank higher on Google. More older and more respectable it is.

This analyses the credibility of the Domain Authority. More older domains are promising of their credibility and Google ranks them higher due to the same. This is another one of the ways to achieve higher SEO ranking.

7. Analysing The User Engagement

User engagement should be your main priority when it comes to how to analyse the factors that lead to higher SEO ranking. The users are more likely to interact with you in other ways. Especially, it can be social sharing, if they stay on your site longer and browse more pages within a single session.

If you make it simple for people to buy anything or sign up, they’ll do it. This can result in conversions. More specifically, Google’s Search Engine ranking system takes into account the factors like mobile friendliness and site performance.

Especially, if user interaction is essential to your company strategy, make sure these areas are solid.

8. Ensuring Accessibility

Indexing your website by the search engines is a significant part of it being on top of the search results. So, ensure that you are aiming to keep up with a website that is actually available and easily accessible.

From site map, pages and more so that your site is available to all and the traffic you are aimed upon. From design to content to everything is made in order to look at every possible way to make the website more accessible.

This is one of the ways to ensure a higher SEO ranking.

9. Ensure That It Is Mobile Friendly

Another factor to higher ranking in SEO is by making sure to be mobile friendly. Since most people access your website via phone make sure in the website you own the design and everything related to it.

Actually, it ensures that it is clearly mobile friendly. This can be done in the website creator as well. This is where previewing any content and design to your website will help ensure that it is rightly placed and is mobile friendly.

10. Ensuring The Right Title Tag

To make sure that the right title tag is being used in the content for easier access and location on the website. This is done in order to rank higher on the search engine. The title tags is an important aspect for better results in SERP.


For your content to thrive with the purpose you aim to put it out for it must first be relevant. But, in today’s times only its relevance does not get you the traffic you very justly deserve.

Rather it is important that you understand that there is an algorithm to getting that traffic. Also, only the algorithm will just be a mere and ultimate end to what you kept putting out to the world.

So, relevant content with the right algorithm is what simply works best in such cases.

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