Search For The Best Courses After Graduation To Start Your Career

Search For The Best Courses After Graduation To Start Your Career

There are 700 universities and 35,000 affiliated colleges accommodating more than 20 million students per year. Students often face a dilemma while searching for the best courses after graduation. Things have changed radically since our forefather graduated. Simply earning a graduate degree is not enough to sustain in this highly competitive job market. In order to stand out, it is imperative for you to pursue a postgraduate course, or a diploma or enrol in any of the professional online courses offered by Google which is the digital world’s “big brother.”.

Today with hundreds of online courses available in the market, Google is the premier choice of every student. Google offers a vast range of free and paid online courses befitting everyone. The course materials have such a design to cover a wide range of subjects such as digital marketing, android app development and so forth. The certification offered at the end imbibes you with the necessary skills to jump start your career or raise your salary potential. With a huge array of courses to choose from, Google certifications are designed to suit people from all walks of life. 

We have compiled a list of following best courses after graduation which are very much in demand:

1. Google Project Management Professional Certification course

The Google Project Management Professional Certification course allows people with no prior experience to start their career afresh. Being a short term course, learners can opt for an entry level career in Project Management in less than 6 months.

Not only is it an online course but at the self time self paced. This is perfect for those currently pursuing another vocation or stay at home parents. The course curriculum covers 140 hours of instructions coupled with practical based assignments. With assortments of video assignments and practical training the students will be ready to face the challenges in the real world. 

Students will be imparted knowledge on: 

Foundations of Project Management

Project initiation – Necessary to start a successful project

Project planning – Compiling it altogether

Capstone – Application of Project Management skills in the real world scenario.

2. Google Digital Garage

Business houses are now looking for alternative mediums to promote their goods and brands. The days of fliers and billboard advertisements are long gone. With the internet taking over the world by storm, the digital marketing industry has thrown open its doors to skilled digital marketers. A course in digital marketing is the only option if you are keen to ride on the bandwagon of the new era of digitisation. Google has graciously come up with Google Digital Garage which imparts the fundamentals of digital marketing skills to new entrances in this field. 

Likewise, this two is a self paced programme, with no cost attached. Google’s Fundamentals of digital marketing course is recognised by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Europe as well as The Open University. Students can learn with the help of video tutorials. They receive an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of digital marketing including – 

How to build web presence

Introduction to search engine optimisation

Introduction to content marketing

Web analytics 

To be eligible for certification, it is mandatory to cover all 26 modules inclusive of video tutorials and a quiz at the end. Thereafter you are asked to take the 40 question exam.

3. Google IT support Professional Certificate

For many aspirants hoping to make a career switch into IT or simply wishing to advance their skills can check out this course. It is a short term course and can cover all the topics in less than 6 months. 

In addition to being an online course it requires no prior degree or experience. Those ready to devote 10 hours of work every week will successfully complete it within 6 months. 

Their course curriculum is planned to cover the following topics-

  • Technical support fundamentals
  • The bits and bytes of computer networking
  • System administration and IT
  • IT security

4. Google AdWords certification

This is one of the best courses after graduation in terms of making a career in digital marketing. Google AdWords certification is your ticket if you are looking for a basic course on the subject of Google AdWords. This certification course is high in demand because it prepares you to take the Google AdWords exam the very same day. No prior experience is necessary and it takes up only one and half hours of time to complete the entire syllabus. However, the major drawback is that it covers only the fundamentals.

The topics included are –

  • How to use Google Ads to advertise your business online 
  • Google My Business
  • Learning how Google Ad Manage aids to earn revenue from your ads

5. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

For anyone wanting to work on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), this is one of the best courses to pursue. It teaches you the important concepts and terminologies associated with Google App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery.

6. Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

This is a practical oriented course which provides the necessary skills. The design of this project is to cover the topics like:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Platform provides infrastructure and platform services.
  • Processing of Big data for analysing machine learning

7. Android Basics by Google

The programme is modelled for aspiring android developers. The course material imparts the necessary skills and knowledge required to be a professional android programmer.

Key topic covered in the curriculum includes-

  • Application of Booleans
  • Relational and conditional operators
  • Multi screen apps

8. G.Suite Administration specialisation

This course framework provides you with the tools necessary to discern potential security events and threats. The course gives you an in depth knowledge of how to protect your organisation from malware attacks. You will also be able to handle various mail routing options.

Basic topics covered are-

  • Managing G.Suite 
  • G Suite Security
  • G Suite Mail management

These are a few of the best courses after graduation that Google has to offer. With choices aplenty, it is best to have a clear understanding of your inherent interests, desires and skills before narrowing on the one best suited to your aptitude. After you have figured that out you will be able to make the right decision. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you consider your budget, job opportunities and then take up a self paced course that will give you sufficient time to master the concept.

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