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Question Answer Submission Websites: Benefits In SEO

Question answer submission websites are very popular these days. People are using these sites to find the solution to their problems and as a blogger, you can use them for your purpose. 

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What Is Question Answer Submission?

This is an off-page Search Engine optimization technique. In this, we provide the solution to the question posed by the different users on question-and-answer submission platforms or different sites. The main aim of using this technique is for search engine optimization.

Here, we not only provide answers to someone’s problem but also provide the link for the same. So that the user becomes a potential visitor to our website.

There is more traffic on these sites. So not only the person who asked the question views our answer but also others who visit the question view the answer. Therefore, if they are impressed by our answer then they also visit our sites.

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Benefits Of Question Answer Submission Websites In SEO

Some of the benefits of question answer submission websites are as follows:

1. Helps to grab viewer attention

Q&A submission sites help to grab the audience’s attention.

2. Build an audience

A good answer with a proper explanation builds your audience.  

3. Provide values to the viewer

Provide answers as per the question, don’t add your link to every answer.

4. Increase engagement

If you provide quality content to your audience then they will become your potential user and it will help you to increase engagement.

5. Enhance ranking

When you start getting engagements then Google thinks, this is a good site, so it automatically improves your ranking.

Overall we can say that it is one of the tactics where the blogger asks a question according to his/her blog and provides the answer for the same with different IDs.

Here is the list of 30 high quality Free Question Answer Submission websites in 2023

S.NOQuestion & Answer SitesDAPAMoz Rank

Steps For Question Answer Submission

It is not necessary that you can get the question according to your choice. Thus, you can post the question yourself and answer them accordingly. The steps for Q&A submission are as follows:

Step 1: Create Accounts

The first step to follow in question answer submission is to create 2 or more accounts from different IDs on question answer sites like Quora,, etc.

Step 2: Post Question

After creating the next account the next step is to post questions on these sites.

Step 3: Answer The Question

After posting the question the next step is to answer the question. Keep in mind the answers need to be posted from different IDs.

Step 4: Engage Audience

Now you have done all the steps. In this step people with the same problem come and check out the answer and there is a chance that they can go to your links in case they like your answer.


From the above, we find out that it is a type of tactic used by bloggers to engage a large audience.

There are thousands of websites where question and answer submission can be done but we need quality over quantity. 

Besides this, you can use Facebook or Twitter to engage viewers by asking questions, and discussing and providing solutions for the same.

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