Learn Digital Marketing To Choose The Best Career Option

Learn Digital Marketing To Choose The Best Career Option

About a decade back a career in digital marketing was unheard of. Indian companies were still stuck with their traditional form of marketing and were not ready for a change. Now it is imperative for you to learn digital marketing strategies to make a mark in the new world order.

A career in digital marketing was unthinkable in the past. However with the boom of the internet and the development of new technologies the scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day. The arena of digital marketing is endless. Companies are now looking for highly skilled and technology-savvy marketers who will assist the companies to ride on the bandwagon of the new change. Gone are the days when companies could afford to sustain themselves without being digitized. Business houses are now resorting to the latest digital technologies available like Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search Engine Optimization, and Data-driven marketing.

Evolvement Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has reached great heights during these difficult times when many employees had to work from home. This was made possible by the use of digital means.

At present the digital marketing industry has an approximate growth rate of 40% in comparison to 5-10% of other industries. This shows the tremendous potentiality of digital marketing in the coming. Years.

It can be said without a shred of doubt that it is a new religion of marketing. With the drastic shift in the marketing practices, a plethora of job opportunities has been created keeping this in view. Digital marketing appears to be the best c choice of carrier option for students and professionals alike.

If we were to believe the report by Goldman Sachs, the advanced marketing professional scope will reach a whopping value of 160 billion dollars by the end of the year 2025. This is undoubtedly an eye-opener for students to take up digital marketing considering its wide scope.

The versatility of the streams of digital marketing makes it possible for it to cater to a wide variety of people having different interests. A person with a flair for writing and possessing a wide vocabulary can definitely go in for content marketing. Similarly, if you possess the necessary coding skill you are likely to be absorbed as a web designer depending on your years of experience. Graphic design and video editing are also a part of digital marketing. A graduate with an MBA degree on the side can do a digital marketing course to enhance its prospects.

Career avenues

We have compiled a list of different jobs you can seek after pursuing a course in digital marketing.

1. Digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager is definitely a lucrative choice for anyone having more than 5 years of experience. There is a huge demand for a digital marketing manager possessing the necessary expertise and certification. The role of a digital marketing manager involves huge responsibilities. As the leader of the digital marketing team, he reports directly to the Vice President of Marketing of the Company. His job also entails combining different components of digital marketing to draw the highest benefit for the company. Generally, a digital marketing manager draws a salary ranging from 15-20, 00,000 per annum.

2. Search Engine Optimiser (SEO Executives)

With the use of organic SEO techniques in the PPC( Pay per Click) campaigns the expected click is 25% times more. This has surged the job opportunities of a search engine optimizer (SEO Executives). An SEO Executive or an expert’s job domain involves keyword research, user experience optimization, managing duplicate content, and so on. An SEO expert should have a vast knowledge of the various kinds of SEO tools available in the market, Moz.com being one of them. Adequate knowledge of various tools is needed to optimize the company’s performance on search engines. Generally, an SEO is responsible for reporting to a digital marketing manager.

3. Social media marketing expert

Learn digital marketing to become a successful Social Media Marketer. Social media marketing involves spreading the content through social media platforms. Paid advertisement in social media is gradually increasing nowadays. Facebook advertisement is now the current trend. As a social media marketing expert, you have to be aware of the current social media trends and plan your strategies well. A lot of creativity and adequate knowledge of social media platforms are needed to create quality content.

4. Content marketing manager

A content marketing manager’s task is wide. As a content marketing manager, you are responsible for managing blogs, e-book publications, video marketing, and email communications. You should be versatile in public relations as well. A content marketing manager is reportedly accountable to work under a digital marketing manager. Many times a content manager is the head of the team. 

A content marketing manager is free to work from home. This is a distinct advantage for anyone wishing to work as a freelancer without the hassle of a grueling work schedule. As a content marketing manager, you can expect to draw a salary ranging from 10-15,00,000 per annum. For anyone hoping to pursue a career in the desired field, necessary certification coupled with an MBA degree is helpful.

5. Copywriter

A copywriter is an integral part of the digital marketing team. He or she assesses the content team to refine their content, helps the social manager by posting better words on social media platforms. A copywriter is also responsible for better ad copy. An impeccable proficiency in English and a flair for writing persuasive articles to promote sales are the most sought-after qualities in a copywriter. 

6. Search engine marketer/Specialist

A well-designed website is of no relevance unless people can promote it. In order to become a SEO specialist you need to learn digital marketing. This is the job of search engine marketers. The task of search engine marketers is quite similar to that of a digital marketing manager. In fact, small companies redirect the work of a search engine marketer to the digital marketing manager. Bigger companies on the other hand hire search engines and marketing specialists. A search engine marketing specialist is responsible to target the number of leads and clicks from the marketing budget. He needs to do keyword research, manage ads campaigns for getting traffic on the website, and thereby improve Google rankings.

7. Inbound marketing manager

An inbound marketing manager’s talent depends on how well he is able to draw the attention of prospective customers to his websites by posting interesting content.

8. Conversion rate optimizer

A conversion rate optimizer is responsible to work with an inbound marketing manager in designing landing pages. As a conversion rate optimizer, you should be comfortable working with various tools like CrazyEgg or Optimizely.com to achieve higher conversions.

9. Web developer and web designer

Many times these two words are used interchangeably but the role of a web developer is very specific. A web developer has the responsibility to look after designing, coding, and modifying websites to make them more appealing. Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, Html, and web programming is essential.

10. PPC professionals

PPC professionals are now in demand. As a PPC expert you must be able to handle the generation of reports, provide suggestions for ad copies, and overall manage PPC keywords.


If you are seriously considering a career in digital marketing, enroll in any digital marketing institute. Learn digital marketing skills so that you acquire better skills to tap on the right opportunities when they present themselves. 

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