Forum Submission: Meaning, Advantages, Steps and Tips

Forum Submission: Meaning, Advantages, Steps and Tips

Forum submission is one of the oldest ways of generating a backlink. In this blog, we will try to know the details of forum submission.

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What Is Forum Submission?

Before knowing about the forum submission let us know about the forum.

Forum refers to a place where people can exchange and discuss ideas.

Therefore, in short we can say that it is part of off-page SEO and is the process of online discussion and debate where you can add backlinks.

So, we can say that in posting on forums you are not only going to address the answer but also get the answer to various problems.

Advantages Of Forum Submission

It is one of the oldest and  best submission methods. Some of the advantages of forum submission are as follows:

1. Get Real Traffic To Your Website

Forum posting is one of the best and oldest methods that has resulted in getting real traffic to your website.

2. It Helps In Building Connection And Goodwill

It helps in building connection and goodwill among the audience. At the time of discussion if you are providing a genuine answer then for the detailed answer the audience comes to your blog.

3. Helps to enhance knowledge

By giving regular answers and dealing with various problems you will automatically enhance your knowledge.

4. Get Genuine Audience

It helps you to get a genuine audience who will like to read your content. So this helps you to get a potential audience. 

Steps For Forum Submission

Various steps need to be followed for doing the forum submission. These are as follows:

Step 1:

Know your niche 

Step 2:

Select the forum, accordingly

Step 3:

Select the relevant keyword

Step 4:

Debate and discuss the solution to o the problem and provide the backlink

Step 5:

Get real traffic for your website

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1. Select The Relevant Forum

This is the first step in Forum posting. You should post or discuss on related forums to attract more audience of the related field. 

For example- if you want to discuss business then choose the business forum.

This will help you to get a potential audience.

2. Add A Relevant Title

After selecting the relevant forum the next step is to use a relevant title. The title should be clear and understandable and it must contain the keyword. Relevant keywords should be used in the title as well as the body of the post.

3. Follow Guidelines

Every forum follows guidelines and as a member of that forum, we also need to follow these guidelines.

4. Use Your Content

You should use real content in the forum and don’t use copied content. If you use copied content then it may get a bad impression on the audience.

5. Don’t Provide Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is avoided in the forum that’s why it is considered to be the best form of submission.


Therefore, we can say that forum submission is the easiest form of postings where you have to pick the relevant forum in your niche, build a profile and take an active part in the discussion.

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