Disadvantages Of Pursuing Online Free Digital Marketing Course

Disadvantages Of Pursuing Online Free Digital Marketing Course

In the digital world, the demand for digital marketers has increased. That is why many institutes are offering online free digital marketing course. It helps the candidates to acquire basic skills and strategies regarding the field. One of the famous online free digital marketing course is provided by Google which permits a valuable certificate at the end. Education is important in everyone’s life. If the course is free, people can gain more certificates, which can give a good impression on their resume. 

 Although online free digital marketing courses are very famous these days, they have had some negative impacts too. Debating on free or paid mode of education, this blog will be running through the disadvantages of free courses.

No clarification of doubts in free digital marketing course:

If you start an online free digital marketing course, a series of videos will be shown. There is no particular lecturer who monitors you. You need to self-study through pre-recorded videos. If you doubt the concept, there’s no one to clarify it. Hence, you will end up gaining only half-knowledge with a lot of doubts. Without clearing the doubts, you can’t understand the concept clearly.

Less motivation in free course:

Motivation only comes when the environment has a lot of competitors. But here you don’t even know how many users subscribe to the online free digital marketing course. You just get a pass certificate at the end without any ranking or performance compared to other candidates. Therefore, your motivation level decreases. Gathering students at one place during lectures provides a healthy competition to all the candidates.

Free digital marketing course suffers from poor quality:

As there are just a series of videos shown without any monitoring person, the understanding quality also decreases. A student can only learn perfectly when there is a person who teaches in person. Just staring at the recorded videos won’t make much difference in education. A lot of time is wasted in understanding it. The video has to be watched two or three times to understand it well.

No projects in free online marketing course:

Without any Homeworks, experiments, and projects a person can not gain experience. They are the main tool for understanding the concepts well. The practical name suggests “practice”. A pretty huge amount of money has to be deposited to build laboratories, experimentation, and projects. If you aren’t paying for anything, you won’t get enough practice.

You need to practice on your own:

You need to create your strategies of projects and practice on your own. Because you won’t be provided any homework, workbook, notes material, etc. Focus on the weak points and learn from your mistakes. Revise the videos two to three times daily and create your homework. Try to analyze the work later on.

Companies would hesitate to hire you:

A certificate from a well-known institute makes a good impression on the resume. Well, everyone knows that learning an online free digital marketing course wouldn’t make much impact on the skills. Every company demands a good skilled and educated employee and hence your resume has higher chances of getting denied. Without any project or internship which are usually provided by the paid institutes, getting a dream job is very difficult.

Online examinations are not strict:

The more strict the exam, the more candidates will study hard. But mostly online free digital marketing courses have chosen the correct answer mode type. No need to turn on the video while attending the exam. So, one can easily cheat during exams and search for the answer through Google. There will be no seriousness in studies.

Can’t determine how to handle finances:

If you are pursuing an online free digital marketing course, then you can’t understand the importance of money. If a candidate is paying for his higher education, he/she can determine how to handle all the financial expenses. This term is also important in digital marketing because you need to know all the financial statements of the product and brand. Handling it since your education would give a good experience in the job field.

No flexible timetable:

Paid institutes usually provide good lecturers along with a scheduled timetable for the whole day. But for an online free digital marketing course, it all depends on you. You can play videos whenever you wish. For lazy people, the course would take much time to complete. If you watch more videos a day and spend more time on learning, then you can complete the course in less time. 

Lesser punctuality:

Uneven schedule leads to less punctuality. A person without any planning would feel drowsy watching videos. Some courses even allow you to skip the video directly without watching the whole content. And at last, can gain the certificate easily without any effort. So it’s better to plan before starting work. A well-structured course would give more punctuality.

Can’t manage time:

Watching a video for more than one time to understand it well and clarifying doubts through other Google would take a lot of time and only a few hours would be left for the day. You won’t have a lecturer or friends to share the info. All the videos are not even of the same length. If today’s video is shorter, then tomorrow’s video can be longer. Hence, time management becomes difficult. 

Difficulty in searching for a job:

A well-known institute usually has connections with companies who will be willing to hire the candidates of their institutes. By this network, companies, institutes, and candidates would be benefited. But an online free digital marketing course has no such connections with any company. The candidate must search for a job field on his own. Some end up jobless even after pursuing an online free digital marketing course.

Online free digital marketing course and paid course, both are valuable. There’s a little difference between them. Well, it depends on your interest how you apply those strategies in your work field. Whether you pursue online or offline, paid or free, you will get a basic foundation for digital marketing for sure.

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