Ample Importance Of Digital Marketing Certification And Salary Structure

Ample Importance Of Digital Marketing Certification And Salary Structure

Digital marketing has taken our country by storm. Therefore it is imperative for you to embrace this transformation. Businesses are now switching over to the latest marketing strategies to promote their brands online. 

Thus, numerous job opportunities have been created in this field which has given a tremendous boost to the career opportunities to the aspirants who wish to make a mark in this field. Nowadays, most businesses resort to the digital landscape for lucrative growth. Thus, it is needless to say that digital marketers draw better pay than most roles at the same level of experience.

Existing brands come up with new ideas every day to capture the market. This leads to the up-gradation of technology leading to the rise in demand for skilled professionals. So if you wish to be an integral part of this fast-paced industry, it is best to be armed with a digital marketing certification course in order to enhance your competencies. This will surely help you to carve a niche for yourself in the industry.

Types of Digital Marketers

1. Search Engine Optimisation Specialist(SEO)

If technical jobs and analytics seem to be your forte, you should surely try this field. Your job will be to generate website traffic and make it rank on google’s first page for relevant keywords. An SEO specialist is generally skilled in SEO copywriting and keyword research 


Initially an SEO specialist with less than a year of experience draws a salary of Rs. 1, 76,000 p.a.. Those with more than 5 years of experience can hope to earn an average of Rs. 4,58,000 in Indian currency.


  • Conducting on-site and off-site analysis, creating SEO-friendly content.
  • Doing detailed keyword research to generate website traffic.

2. Pay Per Click Analyst

The main job of a pay per click analyst is to obtain profit that is equal to or greater than the investment. It requires thorough knowledge and understanding of campaign creation and the psychology behind every relevant click. 


A pay-per-click analyst with experience of less than a year draws an average salary of 3 lakhs p.a.. And with two more years of experience earns an average of 4-5 lakhs.


  • Manage paid ad campaigns on Google ads, advertisement campaigns on Facebook and other social media networking sites.
  • A deep understanding of google analytics
  • Looking into the graphic design for the campaign.

3. Web Developer

A web developer should be well versed in the various coding languages used and should be able to create a functional and attractive website for the business. Sound knowledge of computer software like HTML, coding, and graphic design is necessary.


In India, an entry-level digital marketing pay for a web developer with one year of experience is 2 lakhs. But individuals with more experience may expect to earn between three and five lakhs per year.


  • Good understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other web design coding languages.
  • Constant monitoring of website platform and website traffic.

4. Social media Marketing Specialist

Brands nowadays hire experts to help them rank at the top of their social media game. This is where you will come in handy. The strength lies in the ability to execute a well-developed social media marketing strategy to maximize the benefits for the company.


A social media marketing specialist draws a salary ranging between 2,54,000 to 6,84,000 depending on the level of experience.


  • To implement social media marketing campaigns.
  • Exploring potential social media sites and monitoring activities on social media accounts.

5. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

 You as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist should be equipped with great analytical skills. You should be responsible for paid ads across search engines. A deep understanding of search engine algorithms is essential. 

SALARY: their Salary fluctuates with the level of experience. Those with less than a year of experience can hope to draw a salary of 4,80,000 p.a.. Those with experience of 5-9 years can earn an average of 9,75,000 in India.


  • Creating search engine campaigns to generate maximum ROI 
  • Optimisation of landing pages for page search marketing campaigns 

6. Data analyst

A data analyst’s main responsibility is to collect information from various sources. He should use it to interpret patterns and trends


A new entrant draws a salary of about 3,00,000 in India whereas those with higher experience can expect Rs. 4,00,000-5,00,000 in India.


  • Collection and interpretation of data and thereafter analyzing the results.

7. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager’s work is to supervise the brands’ complete digital presence. His main goal is to increase sales cost-effectively. He should be well acquainted with all works of trade and well conversant with the newly emerging digital marketing trends.


The average salary of a digital marketing manager ranges between 5,48,755-10,00,000 depending on the level of experience.


  • Closely supervising the brand digital presence in the market 
  • Competent enough to run email, marketing campaigns and analyze it 
  • Updating ongoing strategies to suit the current trends in the digital space

8. Content marketing manager

A content marketing manager’s main task is to create campaign content across all platforms. People with good communication skills and creativity are best suited for this kind of work.


An entry-level salary of a content marketing manager is Rs. 4,79,323 in India. A content marketing manager with experience of over 5 years hopes to earn around Rs. 8,18,583 in India. 

Key factors which determine salary

  • Experience – Experience plays a pivotal role in the determination of salary. People with high experience Can hope to draw a larger salary
  • Skills – Armed with a variety of skills is an added impetus to determine your salary. Learning new skills which complement your specialization like copywriting, designing, and paid media skills makes it more appealing to employers.
  • Brand name or agency – Salary also depends on the agency of the brand you work with. The bigger and more renowned the agency the higher is the chances of drawing a lucrative pay package. A small firm may not be in a position to provide you with a large incentive.
  • Designation – It is common knowledge that the higher you escalate the corporate ladder the greater will be the salary. A digital marketing manager’s salary will never be at par with that of an executive with less experience and responsibility.

So instead of wasting any further time, you should obtain a digital marketing certification if you wish to opt for this career. Digital marketing certification from a reputable Institute.

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