6 Amazing Tips Of SMS Marketing To Grow Your Business Significantly

6 Amazing Tips Of SMS Marketing To Grow Your Business Significantly

With so much messaging going on, it’s no surprise that marketing departments are finding SMS marketing to be very effective. Mobile texting is the most successful direct marketing strategy in several industries.

If you’re running or considering conducting a mobile messaging campaign, here are some pointers based on what we’ve seen work well.

But, before you go any further, you should be aware of how Indian Bulk SMS marketing works, as it is governed by the TRAI’s rules and regulations. To keep SPAMMERS out of the Bulk SMS network, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has established very tough standards. As a result, they established the following rules:

Do not send messages to DND – Do Not Disturb – subscribers (willingly or unwillingly).

Transactional messages are reserved just for sending high-priority messages such as banking-related messages, one-time passwords, and messages to registered users (with limitation). And there are a slew of other regulations that come in second…

Tip 1: Create Audience Segments For SMS Marketing

I frequently hear consumers express dissatisfaction with the SMS or email marketing they receive. “Almost all of the marketing communications I get are useless,” most individuals say.

However, when you send the appropriate message to the right customer, they remark things like “I appreciated that message, but it wasn’t marketing, that was useful!”

Segmentation and targeting ensures that each individual receives the most relevant message. It can make the difference between a communication that appears to be informative and spam.

Connect your CRM to your messaging system. Use purchase history, demographics, and any other data you have to make sure you’re reaching the appropriate people with the correct message. Given that the majority of your customers now own smartphones, you can track which mobile campaigns are generating clicks and interaction to help you improve over time.

Tip 2 – Timing is Everything In SMS Marketing

It’s true what they say: timing is everything. If you want your SMS campaign to be effective, you should pay attention to two crucial components of time. For starters, open-ended messages are less effective than messages with expiring deals. Make the text of your SMS say something like “expires soon” or something along those lines.

The second part of this tip has nothing to do with the first. You want to make certain that your SMS messages are sent at the appropriate times. When someone buys a product, for example, you could send them an SMS message promoting a related product in the hopes of piquing their interest.

Saturdays are notoriously bad days for marketing emails, while Saturdays are generally the best days for SMS. Play around with the time.

Tip 3 – Triggered Messages Have Influence

After around 24 hours, the average email open rate progressively increases. The average SMS open rate skyrockets, with 70% of messages being opened within the first 60 minutes.

Triggered SMS messages are possible because of this immediacy. For example, if you’ve had a frequent client for a while and they’ve stopped coming into your store, you can text them with special offers to entice them back.

These notifications can be triggered by any consumer activity (or inaction), from failing to visit your ecommerce store to purchasing a specific product. These prompted notifications are also a wonderful approach to solicit client feedback. You can provide them a survey to learn more about your VIPs if they come back for a fifth time this month.

Tip 4 – Keep it short, sweet, and simple

If you want your SMS campaign to be effective, this may be the most critical thing to remember. For starters, keep in mind that most carriers limit text messages to 160 characters. Apart from that, the quicker you get to the point of your message, the better.

That’s an excellent message because it goes right to the point, provides clear instructions, and informs the buyer that the offer is about to expire. You also want to make sure you’re not delivering your consumers useless information. Send items you think at least some of them will be interested in learning more about. Frivolous text messages are likely to irritate your customers, which is certainly something you want to avoid.

Tip 5 – Prettify Your Links

Let’s face it, even when they work well, URLs are unattractive. When you add in URL tracking extensions, it may get downright unpleasant. Using a URL shortener like Google’s Goo.gl or Bit.ly is the easiest method to tackle this problem. These will take your unappealing URL and turn it into a much more appealing short URL.

(SparkPage can use your brand’s custom URL and automatically shortens links.)

Another advantage of using a URL shortener is that it saves you space. We’ve already discussed the importance of keeping things brief and easy for you.

Tip 6 – Don’t Be a Spammer

Finally, keep in mind that sending an SMS to a prospective (or existing) consumer is a privilege, not a right. If you disturb them too much or send them meaningless messages, you may lose your privilege. Spam is not liked by anyone, so don’t send it.

Good messages should be anticipated, personalised, and relevant. If you don’t send a good marketing message, your customer will miss it. That’s the goal you should strive for.

The Possibility

It’s difficult to get SMS campaigns right. Customers are accustomed to disregarding spam in email (thanks to spam folders), but they aren’t as accustomed to it in SMS. That is, you must strike a balance between the content of your message and the time of the delivery.

You boost your chances of successful SMS marketing if you can successfully coordinate those two items.

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