12 Salient Features Of Institute Of Digital Marketing You Should Know

12 Salient Features Of Institute Of Digital Marketing You Should Know

Ever wondered why digital marketing is a trending career in this era? That is because almost every aspect is becoming online these days. So is the business. People are gaining more profit through online business. Hence, this attracts the attention of youngsters who are about to begin their careers. It is imperative that an institute of digital marketing attracts more of their attention. 

      But before getting admitted to an institute of digital marketing, one must know the basic factors which an institute must be providing. Before turning up for an organization ask yourself “What are your expectations from an institute of digital marketing? ” If you want to pursue the digital marketing course, take your time to read this article which manifests the features of a digital marketing institute. 

Affordable price:

If the cost for the course is low, this may attract more candidates to pursue. Also, digital marketing courses are mostly practiced through gadgets that don’t require much money. And if the course is in online mode where the students learn from their home, the fees should be reduced because there is no electricity, water bills, and maintenance of the building. Hence, course price should always be dependent on the mode of study.

Practical should be more than theory:

The best way to teach a candidate is through the “theory+practical” technique. But in some institutes of digital marketing, more of the theory is considered. Studies show that if a person just hears a theory he may remember it only 10% but with experiments and practical theory, then they might remember it up to 80%. That is why every institute should focus more on practical work.

Fundamentals of each subject:

Digital marketing has a lot of subjects like Search engine optimization, social media marketing, web development, graphic designing, email marketing, and many more. If the syllabus has whole digital marketing content, then it must contain the basics and strategies of each and every sub-subject.

Quality teaching:

Strive to know the behavior of lecturers. A perfect teacher is the one who makes you excited for the career you are pursuing. Many institutions have aggressive and irrelevant behavior. Contact with them before taking an admission in the institute of digital marketing. Ask them if they would clarify all your doubts regarding the lecture.

Infrastructure and cleanliness:

Disagreeable environments can cause distractions in the class. Observe the surroundings and all the classrooms while the admission process. The infrastructure should have good ventilation for freshness in the room. A clean building may give you a good mood to study.

Daily assignments and homework:

Just teaching the candidates and leaving for their own work is not the only objective of an institute of digital marketing. Daily homework has to be provided for the students which are related to the particular day. With the help of assignments, candidates can remember the lectures very well as they are revising in their home too.

Laboratory facilities:

Of course when you think about a digital marketing laboratory, it usually contains computer desktops. All the computer’s maintenance must be up to date without any damage. The internet network must be of a satisfactory speed so that while practicals, any disturbance shouldn’t interrupt candidate’s practicals. A computer lab should contain at least three faculties that can keep an eye on each individual and guide them. Faculty shouldn’t allow candidates to share one computer with each other because only one would get benefitted from it.

Useful skills:

Institute of Digital Marketing must be providing all the useful skills related to the field like communication, adaptability, creative problem solving, leadership, time management, curiosity for learning new strategies, business acumen, persistence, and analytic skills. Granting more and more assignments may help the candidates to adapt to these new skills.

All the syllabus must be taught in time:

While observing the syllabus during admission time, remember or note all the chapters well. Many institutes of digital marketing have a habit of teaching only a few important topics and leaving the others. By doing so, children may not be able to adapt the concept properly. If such a case is happening in the institute, just turn your back from it. Acquainting the reviews through the people who already studied from the institute can give you some genuine facts.

Offer projects:

The first thing an interviewer notices in your resume is the number of projects you have done. At least the institute of digital marketing should offer 20 projects. Because projects help you to learn, change, improve and adapt different strategies used in the digital marketing field. Go for other institutions if fewer or no projects are being offered. Projects also help you to gain experience in the job field.


Searching for a job is a pretty tough task these days. That is why many institutes maintain a network with companies so that their candidates can easily get a job. After certification, you can easily get placements. Even if you are striving for a job, ask help from the institute of digital marketing where you have pursued the course. They can at least give you an internship opportunity.


You receive a certificate after completion of the whole digital marketing course, projects, and examination. But some of the institutes of digital marketing ask for extra payment to get the certificate. That is why make sure to ask them about this case. After payment of the whole course, no institute has the right to ask you for extra money. Certificate is an important factor for a resume. It is proof that you are a skilled digital marketer. 

Many institutes of digital marketing just lure people for making money with their uncertified academies. That is why enquiring about the institute of digital marketing in which you decided to pursue, whether they provide all the above-mentioned features is an important task every candidate must do. Also, visit their website for additional information about all the courses which they are providing.

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